+ Bookchasers is a series put on hold starting january 2009. Why? Because I moved on and because I got bored of the story.
+ Most of the material posted on this site has been published in Bookchasers vol1 (and only so far), this is main reason why there are so few complete stories to read online.
+ starting june 2009 the lightbox javascript I was using as a viewing application is not functional, thus I had to revamp the site to accomodate this. It took me forever for reasons beyond my understanding (the whole Blogger platform works like shit for me these days, lost posts, astronomical loading times, etc)

Therefore he it is, the result after clearing the unneccesary blog posts and reorganizing everything in a single comprehensible view of the series.

[21/09/2006] [download] Ch02: The markings
[02/10/2006] [download] Ch03: The white tie
[15/10/2006] [download] Ch04: The gift: In & Out1
[23/11/2006] [download] Ch05: Caught red handed

[29/05/2007] [download] Ch06: The man who walked away
[15/07/2007] [PREVEW ONLY] The Arrival:Alexander Brook
[22/07/2007] [PREVEW ONLY] The Arrival:Salvattore Sotto
[29/07/2007] [PREVEW ONLY] The Arrival: Penny Rockwell
[11/08/2007] [download] Ch07: The bathtub
[29/08/2007] [PREVEW ONLY] Bonds: Falling for you
[18/09/2007] [PREVEW ONLY] The Arrival: Kazimir Brook
[29/09/2007] [PREVEW ONLY] Bonds: Three bookchasers and an editor
[13/10/2007] [PREVEW ONLY] Bonds: Under the summer sky
[24/12/2007] [PREVEW ONLY] Claims: Red Book No.9
[24/12/2007] [PREVEW ONLY] Claims: Claim 154


[30/02/2008] [PREVEW ONLY] Bonds: The little field flower
[29/03/2008] [PREVEW ONLY] Bonds: My valentine
[24/05/2008] [PREVEW ONLY] Bonds: A bit like flowers
[02/08/2008] [PREVEW ONLY] Bonds: Against a wall, waiting


[24/01/2009]Books of Dream: Heartless
[07/03/2009]Books of Dream: Good morning, Sofia!

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