1. No direct download links
2. Updating every Saturday unless stated otherwise
3. Stories in the archive section have a 7 pages preview regardless of the total number of pages of the story
4. Current story is the one currently being updated
5. Each story will have a 2 months period of grace starting from the moment it finished updating during which the full version will be available for online reading. Afterwards it goes to the archive.
6. Published volumes contain extra material - such as omakes, character profiles and even stories that will not be featured here.
7. This is a marketing issue and has nothing to do with Bookchasers being an ongoing online manga
8. I post the stories in English, for those that might want to scanlate the manga in other languages PLEASE NOTIFY ME!!! I'm not against scanlations since I know the chance of having it licensed in another country are next to nothing.
9. Romanian scanlators PLEASE LET ME HAVE A LOOK on the transcripts!I really don't want Bookchasers to turn out like Harry Potter books translated in Romanian.

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