This is the last story of volume 1. There's no room for another one even if many things are left unfinsihed at the end. That's why volume2 exists, right?

I've been working on layout and extras for volume one for the past two months so I'm really sorry about not being able to update the site. Bookchasers vol1 will be off print by 1st November and it will be available for online purchase as soon as I find a good way to do that. Other than online purchasing if you happen to live in RO you could drop by Nijikon 2008 convention held on 1-2nd November in Bucharest and walk out with one of the 100 copies available for sale. I have already posted a sample of the cover so you'll know what to watch out for.

But for now rejoice there's a 10 pages preview of Against a wall, waiting... up. I admit it is nothing spectacular about them but then again remember that this story has 34 pages (second after Claims1+extra; and first if we don't count the extra). In my opinion the last are the best but then again posting them would have made no sense whatsoever to the overrall story.

This is a story that virtually killed me because it took three months to complete. Three months of study field trip, project deadlines, exam session and part time job on top of which came the worklist for Nijikon and volume one getting ready for print.

The next story to be done is...I have no clue - I would like to say Paragraph 7 but then again I haven't got a viable script for it. Anyway whatever it is, it's volume2 business so probably I will be more relaxed drawing it. And who knows with some luck maybe it will be up, posted here before Nijkon.

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