release date: 24/01/2009
pages: 27 pages/3 color
Volume2 Story15 : Heartless
Miro Maar is depressed, blaming himself for Silvester Quid's death. Then as most of Squid's wishing books ended up in his bookstore, he randomly claims one book while being drunk... What he should have remembered is that your claim will always be rejected is there is no will to support it. The consequences of this claim are life changing.

release date
: 07/03/2009
pages: 21 pages/1 color
Volume2 Story16 : Good morning, Sofia!
The war has been over for almost 10 years now.In Willsburg just as you cross Ponticelli Bridge a little girl of barely 7 is asking around for her brother missing in action. Alexander Brook who is working as a typesetter assistant notices her and wants to help, however her case is a little complicated. Who is her brother and how can a seven year old girl remember the horrors of a war which ended two years before she was even born?


release date: 30/02/2008
pages: 23 pages/3 color
Volume1 Story9 : Little field flower
There must always be four editors in this world... no matter what. When one dies another one is sure to take his place.
Maximillian Wright runs a flower shop even though he's blind. One day another type of flower finds its way into the greenhouse.
A flower that would certainly change his life

release date: 29/03/2008
pages: 13 pages/1 color
Volume1 Story10 : My Valentine
How a young editor in love spends her Valentine Day

release date: 24/05/2008
pages: 17 pages/2 color
Volume1 Story12 : A bit like flowers
Fireworks during the summer festival; story by laura - good friend of mine

release date: 02/08/2008
pages: 34 pages/3 color
Volume1 Story13 : Against a wall, waiting...
A voyeur is a person who takes pleasure in watching the private lives of others. Karen has never thought of herself as one, however after dabbling in the distant past of Max she stumbles upon something strange.


release date
: 24/12/2007
pages: 24 pages/2 color
Volume1 Story10 : Red Book No.9
Claims1: Marks the beginning of the Claims series. Meet the red books a special kind of wishing books...and follow the story of No. 9 Shin Akai that will take him through many hands, bookchasers and humans alike. In this installment he's bought at an auction by a bookchaser. Will the claim be accepted or rejected?

release date: 13/10/2007
pages: 13 pages/ 3 color
Volume1 Story7: Under the summer sky
Bonds3: How Kazimir met Leena on an old dusty road to Chapterville one summer.

release date:
13 pages/ 4 color
Summary: Blue Mint*
Blue Mint's drug, a very powerful one too. It was created by an editor several years back as a way to control the actions of the collectors and to enhance their connection with their tracking books. Since then Blue Mint has been around in a variety of forms: pills, shots and sniffing powder. Whichever one would prefer it must take into account the wide variety of effects it has depending on the users. To some people Blue Mint is poison while others are simply immune to it. There's no telling what may happen if you try it.
Volume1 Story6:Falling for you
Action takes place one year prior to Alexander's arrival in Pensbrook. The setting: St Magdalen College, Pensbrook. Life is not easy if you're a boy attending an all- girls college, Robin knows that better than anyone. He's one of the 30 male students that form the St Mathiew special class within the college. The situation- a result of political influences - is rather unusual. Few people tolerate it - those whose girls attend the prestigious institution the least. Despite everything the 30 students must learn how to live amongst girls... and we're not talking only about sweet and adorable ladies-to-be... Some of them are cruel and vengeful, right to the point where they could drive one to suicide...
Fortunately- or not- for Robin Box, a stranger saves his life, when he's about to take the big leap off a tower.

(* related story Blue Mint2 - +16)

release date
: 29/09/2007
pages: 11 pages/ 2 color
Volume1 Story5
Bonds1: A story that illustrates the saying that the world is indeed a very small place...if you are a bookchaser. First Kazimir got adopted by general Night, now some other characters join them as they share the same flat in Pensbrook.

release date: 18/09/2007
9 pages/ 1 color
Volume1 Story4
The Arrival4: Kazimir Brook, age 12 arrives in Willsburg on the eastern border not at the most fortunate of times. He's picked up by general Kai Night from the local orphanage and saved from a live of misery. After the war the two of them still live together because the general is also one of his kind.

release date
: 29/07/2007
pages: 9 pages/ 2 color
Volume1 Story3
The Arrival3:Her story is simple, rather typical for a bookchaser kid. She ends up in a frightening unknown world all alone then gets picked up by one of her fellow bookchasers and lives a normal bookchasing life. In Penny Rockwell's case he's not a bookchaser but rather something more special...

release date: 22/07/2007
pages: 8 pages/1 color
Volume1 Story2
The Arrival2:His name is Salvattore Sotto and he's one of the few bookchasers who were sent to Earth as children. This is his first encounter with a world very different from his own and despite all hardships he grows up to become a... doctor

release date:
pages: 8 pages/1 color
Volume1 Story1
The Arrival1:
"When I was born into this world
It rained with stardust"
Action is taking place before volume2, this is how Alexander Brook came into this world.



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