release date: 29/08/2007

Summary: Blue Mint
Blue Mint's drug, a very powerful one too. It was created by an editor several years back as a way to control the actions of the collectors and to enhance their connection with their tracking books. Since then Blue Mint has been around in a variety of forms: pills, shots and sniffing powder. Whichever one would prefer it must take into account the wide variety of effects it has depending on the users. To some people Blue Mint is poison while others are simply immune to it. There's no telling what may happen if you try it.
Blue Mint: Sleeping pills [ +18 ;mildly yaoi scenes]
Robin Box's bullying hasn't ceased one bit. It is true that suicide wouldn't have been the best solution however, now on top of everything he hasn't been able to sleep properly for almost a week. The nightmares he has seem to be bits and pieces of his lost memory of that night at the tower. In a desperate attempt to get some sleep, Robin resorts to taking some rather suspicious sleeping pills. What is the real nature of the pills and why does Robin end up in Salvattore Sotto's office in the middle of the night?

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